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How to Buy

How to Sell

How to Buy

3 easy steps
Step 2 Hand over the amount for the cryptocurrency you buy to our agent
Step 3 We will transfer the cryptocurrency you bought on your electronic wallet account

(if you don’t have, we will help you to create one)

* Commission applies for rendered services. For information on commission rates contact us by phone or by writing to us.

** Currency exchange is performed based on the exchange rates acting at the moment of transaction.

How to Sell

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What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is:
  • virtual, non-physical currency
  • easy-to-get and anonymous commdity
  • lets purchase/sell goods and services online
  • more than 4000 estimated types of cryptocurrency
  • remains unregulated by government
  • transactions with cryptocurrency is performed by blockchain (a decentralized technology that spreads across many computers and manages and records transactions, securing then against imitation and/or counterfeit

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

According to recent data investors acting in cryptomarket are more interested in currencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Tron, and some others. However, you should remember that cryptomarket is dymanic, and any cryptocurrency may take a beating, or, alternatively, increase in price, at any moment.

Like any investment, cryptocurrency is risky. Yet, any transaction with cryptocurrency is performed by blockchain (a system for digital record of transactions), which encodes any cryptocurrency to secure it against imitation and/or counterfeit.

Virtually anything can be bought and/or sold using cryptocurrency for payments in Armenia and beyond.

Cryptocurrency exchange rates usually depend on the activities of sellers and buyers, although other factors can affect the price, too. Prices vary depending on the demand and supply, as is the case with any other currency.

When buying and/or selling cryptocurrencies at, you are free to choose any currency you have.

No. This is one of the actual reasons why so many people globally are attracted to investing in crypto money.

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